SHINee’s Lucifer album ‘Thanks To’

Check it out

Minho paling panjang nih thanks to nya:

[SNSD] The national’s girl group! SNSD!
The hardworking leader Taeyeon noona! Noona is very cool~ ( Unniku )
My noona Sooyoung noona, I’ve gotten a haircut~
Like a gem, shining so brightly, Tiffany noona~
Sica noona, who I’ve become close to~
Sunny noona, who’s cute on variety shows and on stage
Hyoyeon noona, who’s memory is the best and dances the best
Same age friend, even though it’s funny, but I don’t know myself…Seohyun ah~ good luck!
Pretty Yoona noona, who supports me all along! Noona, know what I’m talking about?
Thanks and sorry to Yuri noona… will not forget!

[Super Junior] SuperJunior which accompany me to grow since I was young!!
With this generation,the real leader,my teacher~Teuk Hyung~hyung is the best! ( Setuju )
Heenim which is the one who approbate to my talent~ Heechul hyung~
Yesung hyung which has the heart just same like hahaha Fergus
The one who brings the vitality to everyone Shindong hyung~ congratulation you!
Suju’s powerful Sungmin hyung~
Ryeowook hyung which is very slim
The best dancer who love to cry a lot and filial guy~Eunhyuk hyung..You won’t forget our promise,right?
Slowly become a line which is kyu line that represent by kyuhyun,really want to make kyu line,hyung?Don’t get sick!
Siwon hyung is the one who lead me my road(future)I’m sure to follow hyung~
Always to be my good hyung and good friend,charisma and perfect
~My donghae hyung!! Because I have hyung,I feel happiness and blessed
And Youngwoon hyung~please take care yourself and faster come back!I’ll word hard to do well! ( Kyaa Minho baiknya )

[DBSK] Yunho hyung who has given me great advice and help, good luck in your musical!
Hwaiting! And of course, the superstar worldstar, the tallest person ever, my hero, Changmin hyung! Thank you very much hyung!

Onew :
[SNSD] Sunkyu ah, you… ahha ( heh ? )
Taeng , Sooyoung, Yuri, Miyoung (Tiffany), Hyoyeon ah, please let us meet keke
Sica, who recommended Jinkyu(?) hyung~

[Super Junior] KyuHyun hyung…Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ ( Kyu sakit apa ? )`

[DBSK] Changmin hyung, love you… Yunho hyung, hwaiting!


[SNSD] Sica noona, the method to put an elephant in the fridge (freezer) is?? keke
[Super Junior] Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!
[MBLAQ] MBLAQ! Joon hyung let’s go work out! Hyung is a funny guy! hehe


Guys of the same age 91′ers!
‘Really~’ good and friendly Jinwoon sshi
Thank you frivolous* Mir and Old Son Dongwoon!

Cunning JunHyung hyung, Messenger friend Seungho hyung~

Mi.Ah.Key (Short form of Maknae Rebellion) Heroes ! Cute Dongho. Thunder hyung who has made an impersonation keke

Si Taemin thanks to-nya ke siapa sih ?

Tambahan, dari SHINee ke rekan sesama SM Town :

China’s wonder, LiYin-unnie and our first hoobae, f(x)! The cute Victoria-unnie~ practice Korean! The best singer, Sunyoung (aka Luna)~ The one who works-out hard, Amber! The one I want for a younger sister, Sulli, and the athletic one like, the beautiful Krystal~ You’re the best! Listen up~~ We’re SM TOWN!!


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  1. Gilak , si minho menuh2in tempat haha
    Mksudnya jjong yang ‘don’t sick again’ ? Kyu sakit apa?

    Thx to-nya taemin buat aku dong :p
    Aku kan istrinya (?)
    Kekeke xD

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